Tips for Choosing a Necklace (3)

What is the tips on choosing a necklace that women need to know. People often comment on large necklace collections the power of a large necklace to make large sized breasts look smaller. How does it work? Using illusion because the illusion puts something smaller next to the bigger one so that it makes it look bigger or vice versa.

So by wearing large jewelry can reduce breast size because it would not be more comfortable to talk to see the face and not on your breast. If you have big breasts – do you know that one of the easiest ways to make it look smaller is to wear a big necklace? Why did this happen?

It’s all about scale – and if your breasts are bigger, if you put something big next to it, attention will be drawn and focus more on your face. For big girls, avoid small pendants because they will make your breasts look bigger, and become the focus of your pendant. Instead, wear beautiful, larger pieces.

The choice is – use 1 larger part, or several smaller parts, which take up extra space on your appearance.
In conclusion – if you are going to buy diamonds, just one small solitare is not enough, you need a larger size of rust. Another solution, stacking it with other model necklaces is simple and simple.

Tips for Choosing a Necklace Based on the Shape of a Collar

If the face is a communication center it will be very important to think of ways to attract attention there. Using a piece of jewelry will help create a strong focal point to stare at your beautiful face. To ensure that the design elements work well here are a few things to remember.

Different form of clothing collar, different choice of necklace. If both are combined well, your appearance will be far more attractive. For that, here’s how to choose the type of necklace that fits the shape of the collar of the garment.

1. Clothing with a collar style will cover all parts of your neck. Therefore, you are advised to choose necklace accessories that are large and fit to be combined with various types of your clothing, such as long necklaces with large pendants. In addition, you can also choose a longer necklace, which reaches a point or even double the length if you want a longer choosing a necklace.

2. If the neck is V (angular), look for a necklace with beads or use a pendant that has an angular shape. Besides this clothing models tend to be suitable combined with various types of necklace accessories. But for maximum results, you can wear a necklace with a small pendant and has a shape similar to the shape of a collar.

3. If the neck is a scoop, choose a necklace with curved details. A shirt that has the shape of a scoop collar will leave plenty of space. This style is very good because you can be more free in choosing a necklace and wearing various types of necklaces . In addition, the length include short lengths, ranging from necklaces with unique models to statement necklaces. However, for the most impressive appearance, you can wear a geometric necklace with a long strap size.

4. A sweatheart collar
A shirt with a sweetheart collar is perfect when combined with a stacked necklace or a short statement necklace. In addition, a necklace with a large stacked chain is the right choice to complement your appearance when wearing a sweetheart collared dress.

5. Collar button down
Have a shirt with a button down collar? Try matching it with a choker necklace or a long necklace with a large pendant that you can wear over your clothes or under the collar of the garment.

6. Bright square (box)
Just like the collar of a scoop, the collar of the box also leaves plenty of space to express in the use of the necklace. For the right choice, you should choose a short necklace with a large and wide pendant or a small necklace with a stacked model.

7. Sabrina or boat collar
Sabrina’s collar form is very popular among women. One reason that makes it so popular is because the shape of this collar frames the neck naturally. Short necklaces with large and wide pendants or overlapped necklaces are the best choice to be combined with Sabrina collared clothing.

This is a tips for choosing a necklace based on the shape of the collar and body size.