horn necklace (3)

Horn necklace is one of the easiest ways to get a dream necklace. Horn necklaces can create a deeper and more memorable appearance, a more lively appearance, or make a solid match that contrasts with the clothes you wear. In addition, necklaces are also very useful for making necklines more attractive! Perfecto!

Sometimes we fall in love with a piece of clothing but there is a neckline from the shirt that does not lift up your body parts that attract and cover the parts of the body that you don’t want others to see. Incorrect neckline pieces can easily be fixed by carrying a ‘neckline’ or ‘lengthening’ the neck using the right necklace with your body shape and appearance.

The Right Horn Necklace Can Lift Up Your Appearance

A general necklace can subtly change the appearance of the neckline of your clothing if your clothes have a neckline that is too wide for you but you still like it, just add a necklace to change the neckline.

This can be done all the time, or you can create the illusion of a lower neck by adding a horn necklace that falls in a position that is only lower than the actual ‘neckline’ or trying to add a longer pendant style to create deeper on the ‘V’ line.

But how do you know which horn necklace is right for you? How do you choose the best horn necklace that suitable for you ? There are no strict ‘rules’ about this, but there are a number of tips that might guide you to find the perfect necklace for you. First about the length of the necklace.

Horn Necklace and types based on Their Length
The length of the choker necklace is 40cm
The length of a princess model necklace usually falls on the neck bone and can vary in size from 45 cm to 48 cm.
The length of the matinee necklace is 50 cm, which is usually wide shaped and passes through the neck bone.

Another tip is to measure the size of your neck. Neck size is the most important number you need to know when determining which necklace is the most suitable for you, especially if you order online. A necklace will fall lower on someone with a thin neck and a necklace will dangle higher in someone with a thicker neck.

When deciding how long the chain is ‘minimum’ do not forget to add a size of about 5-10 cm to your neck, this serves to ensure your necklace is not too tight when used.

This tip works well with a finer necklace like a pendant necklace. The exception is if you really want the choker style if that’s what you want then keep following your actual neck size.

If you buy a necklace model that can’t be adjusted or has a fixed size, choose the ‘second’ size of your neck size as your minimum necklace size. So if you measure 42 cm your minimum chain length must be 50 cm, not 45 cm.

Another tip when buying a necklace is if the necklace ends at the top of your rib cage rather like a belt that emphasizes your waist so it looks nicer.

A necklace can make your face appear wider, narrower, longer, or shorter, like a mirror. This can be a great thing if you know how to use it to highlight the parts of your body that you like and hide the parts of the body that you don’t like.

Women with round faces may like to experiment a little with a short necklace but it should be avoided because it will make the face look more rounded. Keep the rope extended or choose a necklace with a rather long rope.

So some tips that can be used as a guide in choosing a necklace, whether you horn necklace anywhere.