Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace


The buffalo horn chain necklace is one of the timeless pieces of jewelry and is increasingly favored by women. Basically, the necklace is made of horn but many people think that the necklace is made of cow bone. Horn necklaces can indeed be worn by both women and men. This necklace has a circular shape and there are hooks to be attached when using it or it can also be a rope that can be adjusted according to the wearer’s taste.

The origin of Why Women Started Wearing Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace

Since the first necklace has been made of various materials including valuable materials such as precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and other materials, including materials made from buffalo horns or even from cows.

Material made from fine horn necklace material is shiny because of the metal material and due to natural materials. This material has a unique characteristic compared to other materials because it has a charming luxurious luster. To make it look more unique and charming, necklace craftsmen give ornaments of natural stone or mixed with pearls so it looks more varied.

The reason mentioned earlier is what ultimately makes many people interested in making necklaces as mandatory jewelry. Besides that, it also often used to make the appearance nicer on various occasions and other special events.

Not only that, but the necklace is also one of the pieces of jewelry that can complete the looks for the bride and groom’s and is mostly given to the bride. Also, we started seeing young people began to wear their wedding too. However, of course, the uniqueness of this horn necklace is quite different from the existing necklace incompleteness of the wedding in general. Necklaces that are often used as jewelry by the general public have many benefits, functions, and their respective goals.


The History Behind the Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace

To find out more about what are the benefits, functions, and objectives, along with an explanation of the history of the necklace, will explain in this article. It is unknown when the necklace was first discovered, but the necklace has existed since ancient times long before we were born, namely in the time of our ancestors. At that time the necklace was only made from simple natural materials such as corals, fangs, bones, and teeth of wild animals made by humans in ancient times.

After its appearance is unpredictable, then the necklace was found in Europe, namely precisely in Scotland and Ireland in the 1500 – 1800 BC. At that time the necklace has a shape like a crescent or the so-called Ancient Celts. After that followed a trend in several countries with the emergence of a necklace that slowly became one of the jewelry that is identical to the dress and became support in dressing.

At that time, necklaces were still the most used jewelry by men, and then slowly began to be followed by women. The necklace that is used and made is different in each region, its design and material also distinguishes and gives its own characteristics and also has different meanings. As everyone knows that this necklace is unique and very identical with historic symbols.

Turning to medieval times, necklaces began to be worn by women, especially the nobles. And in that century they began to use dresses that hung down to the floor. The necklace at that time became one of the identical women’s jewelry worn together with the use of a dress, even in the absence of a necklace; the appearance seemed to be incomplete. Not only that, since a long time ago, people already use the necklace or beautiful gemstones and gems to decorate it. This also became a benchmark for the social status of the nobles who used it compared to other women.

For centuries, at the end of the 20th century, especially natural and classic necklaces began to be used as fashion accessories or as a necessity to support their appearance, making them even more charming. Necklaces also began to vary that began to develop by combining the natural material of the horn with materials from metals such as gold and other valuable materials. There are also gemstones that have beautiful colors, as well as a variety of very unique shapes. The users of the horn chain necklace are known as people who are classified as glamor and from the wealthy family.